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You are what you tweet

Social media.  One of the best things, in my opinion, since sliced bread.  I love being able to connect to people all over the world as well as the ones in my own back yard, see what they are up to and give them a little glimpse into my life.  Do they care?  Yeah.  I think they do … at least some of them, anyway.  Of course, it is a lot like everything else in life in that we all want everyone to like us, but reality is a real killjoy.  And like life, some people will like the content that is posted, some won’t and others will be either indifferent or oblivious.  I know when I tweet, Google+ or Facebook something, there is a chance that somebody will read it, relate to it, laugh at it, cry over it, get their back up about it, come to my defense for it, rally for a cause or just pass it along because for whatever reason, they found it interesting.  When they do, they are passing along a little piece of me.  And I want that little piece to represent who I am, what I believe and the things I stand for so that at the end of the day, I know that I have been true to myself.  Same goes for the things of others that I pass along on what started out as a grapevine but has grown into a vineyard that has branches all over the globe.  Look at your own activity.  Do you re-tweet, share or +1 everything you read?  Of course not.  If we all liked everything that everyone else wrote, and they liked everything we wrote, then that would mean that we were all alike and I, personally, would not want to live in a world full of people just like me.  We would brain each other with a hammer inside of a week.  No thanks.

To Paris (with a little help from my friends) via a Greeting Card

In the late spring, early summer of 2012, my daughter, a member of the UVA-Wise Highland Cavalier Marching Band, is going to Paris.  I am blown away by this and plan to give her all the financial help I can so that she will be able to go.  On my own, I cannot afford to pay for us both to go.  While I have a passport and have had the wanderlust for so long I can no longer remember when it started, I am struggling with the notion that I might not get to go.  It isn’t jealousy or envy, for I couldn’t be more happy that our Tay gets to go on such an amazingly incredible adventure.  No, it is the photographer in me that wants to see.  That needs to see.  That longs to see.  One of my most constant prayers has been to ask that my photography enable me to travel.  That greeting cards would allow me to go places that I’ve only dreamed of and to visit each place, across the globe, where my cards have sold.  When I pray, what I see is being able to just jump in my car or on a plane and go wherever, whenever, with only a few changes of clothes, my camera, my phone, my laptop and my tripod … just any old time and for as long as I want.  While I believe in my heart that such will happen eventually, as it was God who set me on the path of photography in the first place, and so I feel very strongly that it is He who has put this wanderlust in my heart, I have no doubt that photography will take me where I am meant to go.  I am hoping that it will take me to Paris.  I have a specific destination, besides Ardmore in County Waterford, Ireland, to pray about.  So I am praying specifically this time.  I am praying that the money I make on my greeting cards in the last quarter of the year, September through December will take me to Paris.  While I wish that hundreds of thousands of people would share this and would talk up Through the Eyes of the Spirit, I leave it to the Father, who already knows how it will end.

To check out the greeting cards, click the photo below to open Through the Eyes of the Spirit in a new window.  If you feel led to do so, share the link with friends and family.  God is in control, but your support and encouragement is appreciated.  While everyone may not understand the need to go and to see, some will.  As for me, being accepted, even when I’m not understood, is priceless.