The word of the year …

has been the topic of many a blog entry, twitter post and, if I were still on facebook, I’m sure also, many facebook posts.  It is something that people seem to be chasing, seeking and trying desperately to find.

The word of the year.

Their word.

I decided not to chase it this time.  Instead, I sat back and let the word find me.

I didn’t obsess, didn’t wring my hands or wrack my brain for the word that would describe what I wanted for the year to come.

Instead, I waited.

Something I’m actually pretty good at.

Waiting, that is.

I don’t mind, as a rule, waiting, for many of the most beautiful things I have come across, I’ve done so while waiting for something else.

I don’t pray for patience because, number one, that is just asking for trouble, and number two, I am pretty patient already.

I do, however, tend to over-think things and, in short order, make a mountain out of a mole-hill.

I put words in mouths and thoughts in heads that didn’t belong in either.

Imagination isn’t always a good thing; sometimes, it can be blinding and immobilizing if it isn’t reigned in appropriately.

I have to reign in my imagination on a regular basis or I would be living in Narnia or some other place that has little to do with reality.

It’s the way my mind works and knowing this about myself (it’s good to know  yourself), I didn’t seek my word of the year, but let it seek me instead.

The word that found me was simplicity.

A seemingly simple word, but for someone who takes everything and everyone at face value, believes all sorts of lies, is gullible and  affable to a fault, well, it becomes complicated.

I don’t want a complicated life.

I don’t want complicated friendships.

I don’t want complicated relationships.

You are my friend or you aren’t.

You are with me or you aren’t.

You understand me or you don’t.


It is what I am about achieving this year.

I love Jesus.

I love my family.

I love my few friends,.

I love photography.

I love going places.

I love words.

It is as simple as that.

They love me back or they don’t.

All except for Jesus (because He pretty much has to love me because, well, because He’s Jesus and that’s what he does), I can take it or leave it.

I am not an option or an alternative.

I’m not an aside or a convenience.

I’m good being with myself and immersing myself in nature and all that she has to offer.

Friends are good, don’t get me wrong, but at the end of the day, if they don’t interact with me, take me as I am, accept me without reservations, then it is becomes complicated.

I have no interest in complicated.

Simplicity is the word and I’m not backing down.

Take me as I am or leave me alone.


I think it suits me.

simplicityA moon’s thoughts.

graciekissAn Angel’s kiss.

beach_birds-158-2Strength and confidence.

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