Pardon me …

do you have the time?  I sit here, looking at the clock, knowing that just twenty-four hours ago, it was an hour later than it is now.  Knowing that should really have no bearing on anything and should have very little to do with the reality that the hour is different … but that is ALL i can think about…  today, I have said over and over, when looking at the clock to see what time it is, now it’s actually (input hour), when in reality, IT ISN’T.  What is it that makes me hang on to that hour and, for weeks, say “now it’s really (input hour)…”  how messed up is that…  So at this point, I don’t really know what time it is and wonder if I have wondered, unbidden into some weird Brigadoon where Billy Joel plays over and over and i get the urge to shout at the top of my lungs SING US A SONG, YOU’RE THE PIANO MAN….  as a matter of fact, i’m pretty sure I did that while in the shower… i forget that there are people in and out of dad’s all the time and one of these days, i’m gonna embarrass myself… again…  But then, that has nothing to do with anything… What is important is that my brain has no idea what time it is.. and that confuses the hell out of my body….

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