Letting Go … the precursor to moving on

Somewhere along the way, we all get a little lost.  Take a turn that leads into unfamiliar territory, make a move that, even before it’s finished, we know it was a bad one.  We go about our daily lives oblivious to anything except what is happening at that particular moment in our own circle, be it our circle of family, circle of friends or circle of work.  We think about our health, our cars, our pets, our homes.  We think about what we’ve lost and what we hope to accomplish.  And there’s nothing wrong with that, at least on a limited scale … but when our eyes can no longer focus on anything that goes past the end of our nose, then it becomes a problem and it is at that moment that we become lost.  Now, mayhaps you are reading this and saying to yourself that this is utter nonsense and that people don’t get lost within themselves.  But I ask you, where else does one get lost?  Who holds us prisoner at night when we are tossing and turning, chasing sleep and trying to outrun dreams that plague us?  Who taunts us to believe the worst about ourselves and remind ourselves of all the wrongs, mistakes, harsh words and missed opportunities that have come and gone in our lives? Who congers the ghosts that threaten our very sanity and then curl into a ball when we reach the lowest level we can go and still have a pulse?  At what point do we stop beating ourselves up for a past we cannot change and a future we cannot control?  I look back on my own life way more than is good for me.  I revisit embarrassing moments and know, without a doubt, that the person or persons who were a part of it think of it as often as I do.  Memories of tears and pain that have been long past resurface and again, I am certain that the other parties involved think of it, too.  It is at this point that I cannot see past the nose on my face.  When my own shortcomings force me to admit loudly and often how imperfect I was, am and forever will be,  I am, without a doubt, my own worst enemy.  Moving forward is the only option, unless death gets to us first and the only way to move forward is to cut the bonds that hold us in place.  I’m looking for the scissors even as I write this … how about you?

2 responses to “Letting Go … the precursor to moving on

  1. You’ve admitted to something that many of us simply will not admit to and that is that sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

    many see awesome qualities in us that we simply can’t see or won’t.

    we have our eyes fixated on the negative things about ourselves and never ever consider the wonderfully positive traits that make us blissfully unique.

    we may be imperfect, but so is everyone else

    *reaching for the scissors* i’ll take those when you are done…

    thanks for this peek into your heart!

  2. Sharron Wilkerson

    I too have had my share of getting lost in myself….often wondering WHY my life has to be so hard…then I get a gentle reminder from my God …WHY NOT…Am I THAT special I shouldn’t have my share of burdens to bear?I sit in self pity until my heart breaks into, this I know to be true, because I can physically feel it , Then HE reminds me of ALL I do have, the love of family and friends a roof over my head, food to eat. Everyday things we take for granted…..Things that someone else in this world doesn’t know, never had, or ever WILL have. I am blessed beyond what I’ll ever deserve….Thank you Lord for ALWAYS giving me what I need even if it’s just a gentle reminder, that if ALL the world fails me YOU will always remain.

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