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While I was minding my own business …

reading during my lunch hour, I felt that prickly feeling one gets when they know someone is looking at them.  Looking intently.  I ignored it at first, because unless I am doing something odd, people don’t generally look in my direction for long periods of time.

But the prickly feeling continued until I was compelled to look up.  When I did, it was into the soft, dark chocolate eyes of one of the prettiest people I have ever seen.

Obviously, I did the first thing that came to my mind.  I looked behind me to see who he was focusing those eyes on.  But I was alone.  And perplexed.

And drowning in those beautiful brown eyes.

I know nothing about flirting.  I don’t know that anyone has ever flirted with me in person, so for all I knew, he had something stuck in those beautiful brown eyes that made them soft and dreamy as they looked in my direction.

I stared at him like some kind of idiot.

There are women who make flirting and being flirted with an art form.  I am not one of those women.  I am as plain as a potato sack and could find no good reason why he was focusing those incredible eyes so intently on me.

Then he smiled.  Not just any smile, but a natural smile with good teeth and smile lines around those eyes, with humor and playfulness, or so it seemed.

I tried to remember the last time a smile reached my eyes but then I forgot what I was thinking about because I was mesmerized by his prettiness.

I think I smiled back, but very well could have grimaced as it is difficult, sometimes, to discern one from the other.  I  decided, in the end, that one of us, either myself or he, was having some kind of episode.

Since my week thus far has been filled with more episodes than I care to dwell on, I decided it was his problem.  I didn’t look back in his direction again.

A coward to the core.

But, I will see those eyes in my mind for a while.  A truly beautiful human.  I think I should like to photograph him.

A dilemma for another day.