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Lunch with a friend …

turned into a five-hour visit.

Five hours.

Just visiting.

The waitress came by regularly for the first 45-minutes.  After that, we became a novelty.  She would still come by and offer service, but it was with a different attitude.

It wasn’t that she had to serve us (which she did because she gets paid to do so), but that she wanted some of what we had.

A friendship.

A kinship.

A shared knowledge of how much we were loved and cherished by Jesus.

People cringe at that word.  Yes, cringe.  You can say God all day long, but mention Jesus and people start to squirm.

But that is a post for another day.

Back to the point at hand …

Our simple lunch turned into five hours of worship, confession, joy, praise and thanksgiving.

Day two, resolution free, and I’ve already been blessed abundantly.

Living life in real time.

Speaking of real time, I encourage everyone to check out So Real Ministries, founded by my friend Lori, who along with myself, sat in a booth at Teddy’s in Nickelsville today for the whole five hours.  We did.  And nobody ran us out.  But I digress.  Check out So Real on Facebook at and on Twitter at @SOREALMinistry .


Right in front of my eyes

Today, as I sat here nursing bronchitis, a cold and who knows what else, I was dreaming of all the places that God was going to send me to further my ministry.  My ministry of compassion and encouragement.  It could be just about anywhere.  There are hundreds of places that need help… compassionate and encouraging… help.   There’s Egypt, Belize, Ecuador, Africa… and then, like a boot in the skull, God whapped me one.  Yes, Gina, there are many places I could send you to carry out MY MINISTRY, but only one that I have.  And what, exactly, have you accomplished….?   Gulp.  He had sent me somewhere.  And had given me the tools that I would need and the knowledge of what to do when I got there.  He sent me here, to this place, nearly ten years ago.  Nickelsville, VA.  A small, hole in the road town made up of proud, hard-working people… farmers and miners… and farmers’ and miners’ families.  Everybody knows everybody else and if they don’t know you, they likely know your parents… Just start naming names… I usually use my Dad’s because he knows every second soul for a hundred miles…  And of all the people who know each other in this little town, there will be some who will go to bed tonight with empty bellies.  Maybe they’re out of work or have been sick… maybe their light bill was too high this month and they didn’t have enough money to keep the heat on and eat… This is my mission.  This is the assignment God has given me.  It was here the whole time, but I was too blind to see it… too caught up in where God might send me to notice where He had sent me… but i notice it now.  After that little twack on the head earlier, I get it.  There are people in my hometown that I can help… and through helping them, God will be glorified… there’s alot you can done when you’re belly isn’t growling.  By myself, I could do it one person at a time… but this was God’s idea… and there is no telling what He will do.  I will make a difference in my hometown by taking up my cross and being a part of the Body of Christ and bring glory to my God… I don’t know what He’ll do, but I’m anxious to find out.