Today, I got lost …

in the hospital where I have been working for weeks.

It doesn’t matter why, really, though there are reasons; personal ones, and yet the simple fact that I got lost is paramount.

These last couple of weeks, I am more distractable (is that even a real word?) than usual … so much so  that I got off the elevator on the wrong floor and proceeded to wonder aimlessnessly (again … is that a real word)  until I realized that I was well and truly lost.

I focus.

Then re-focus.

Then re-focus again.

I find that I would have much more time to do my work if I wasn’t constantly re-focusing to  bring myself back into the moment that is before me.

How many times must a person focus to get off the elevator on the right floor?  I guess, all things considered, that is is good thing I am covering in a position that doesn’t require giving injections or starting IV’s.

I try to reign my thoughts in and find it is taking much longer than usual to move past this obstacle.

I wonder, credibly, if I will be able to find my way to work tomorrow.

Sometimes, and there is no way to say this other than to just say it … then apologize to God for thinking such …

Sometimes, life really is a bitch.

Damn her.

Old man smoking his cigarette … wagontrain_bw (5)

Sometimes the light really is just a train …octobersaturday-151

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