I’m even more uncool than I thought…. sigh

Ok… so have you ever harped and harped at someone for being easily influenced and gullible?  Well, then, have you ever done that exact same thing you’d been harping about…?  Hmmm.  I did.  Did it just today as a matter of fact.  Actually, I suppose the actual catalyst happened a few years ago, not long after Jim and I moved over here to the country.  We still had dial-up at that time, so the very slightest thing would excite us.  Since we were afraid we would shrivel and fade away before the dial-up would take us somewhere we could prove what we were reading, if it sounded reasonable or cool, we’d look into it.  Now, this particular thing, Jim didn’t think would happen… as a matter of fact, I remember him saying “Gina, that is simply not possible”.  Well, what did he know?  I had read it on the internet, hadn’t I.  So, irregardless of his nay-saying, I began to plan the moment of this great phenomenon that I would only see once in my lifetime.  I began to plan the menu and think about, even though I don’t care about it, a nice wine.  We were going to picnic in the hayfield and watch this amazing sight unfold.  I was, of course, going to have my camera.  So time passed and so did Jim…  i would love to hear him tell me he was right without being a jerk about it.  Tonight, I was at the home of two of my dear friends, Len and Randy.  I told them, very excitedly I might add, about this incredible thing that was going to happen tomorrow.  Randy, a skeptic in the best of times, was polite enough not to laugh in my face.  I wanted to prove to them that it was real, so I looked it up, where else, ON THE DROID lol…  And what I found immediately made me think of how many times I’ve complained to Dad that he is gullible and believes every email he gets… well, I can say that the crow was tough and hard to swallow, especially since I am currently a vegetarian.  People, MARS WILL NOT BE AS BIG AS THE MOON TOMORROW….  now desculpe (excuse me) while I carry on wallowing in disappointment at my own gullibility…  lo siento (I’m sorry) Dad…  0:-)

One response to “I’m even more uncool than I thought…. sigh

  1. >I believed the same thing a while back until I googled it….what a bummer!

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