Minton Family Reunion Pictures

As I was looking through these photographs, I was struck by something Cassandra said in one of her fb posts about wondering where the time has gone.  I found myself wondering that last night, too, when Taylor, my little baby… y’all remember her, cute little thing with curly hair… wild as a buck.. that little baby, called to tell me she was going to come home for the night from college.  She said it was because she was bored… but I know it was because she was homesick…  Anyway, I digress… enjoy the photographs and let me know what you think of them.  I’m going to really try to stick with the blog this time because I believe it’s important in a big way… i don’t know… have no choice but to wait on God to reveal His plan and to serve and worship Him while I’m waiting… My family is something that, if you were to randomly ask people on the street, exists only in fairy tales…  I know that I could call any one of them, and there are MANY, and if I needed help, they would help me in any way they could.  I know that for a fact…  we laugh, we cry and yes, of course, we fight… how could we not… we have descended from the Scots, the Irish and the German… there would be something wrong with us if we didn’t fight… but we don’t hold it against each other.  That’s the key… nobody’s perfect and everybody is going to step on my toes from time to time.  Big deal… I do plenty of stepping of my own so I consider myself living in a glass house…  again, I digress… I’m sorry..   I’m starting to remind myself of people i know… lol… and you know who you are!!!     OK… here are the pictures…

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